The best show on TV and why that's bad.

For's bad for me. It has identifiably made my job a lot harder. The show is the incredibly gripping The Hand-Maid's Tale and I am an Anglican Minister. The Hand Maid's Tale starring Elisabeth Moss (West Wing, Mad Men) portrays a dystopian picture of America after a second civil war in which due to falling fertility rates women who are fertile - called Handmaids are given as property to the elite men called Commanders. This picture of the totalitarian society with elements built on extreme interpretation of parts of the Old Testament means that many viewers have a picture of the Bible in their minds before they come to read it for themselves. Quotes such as 'Blessed be the Fruit' and 'Under His Eye' as expressions of a possible Right Wing Religious Totalitarian State crash against my job as a christian minister in which I aim to communicate the love and grace found in Jesus Christ. Currently our church meets in small groups and streams Sundays Online in which it becomes so obvious that the production values of the The Hand Maid's Tale are outstanding and make the message even more compelling. Our church is currently working through the Book of Genesis and we have come to those parts of the old testament where the narrative includes concubines and slaves used for furthering families. What the bible doesn't do is affirm those actions nor to ever offer them up as a way of living in the future. When Jesus enters his ministry he preaches and acts for the equality of all people. He affirms that we all are made in the image of God, that he loves the whole world and will die for all human kind (John 3:16). Parts of The Hand Maid's Tale are difficult to watch, parts of the Bible are ugly but Jesus and his message are beautiful. Take a look for yourself.

Elevate, our Youth Ministry support and fundraise for International Justice Mission (IJM) who free people of all ages from modern forced work and sexual slavery.

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