I am glad I came to jail...

For 5 years I have been a mentor in Crossroads Prison Ministry.  Crossroads provides Bible lessons for inmates in prisons in Australia, PNG and some Pacific Islands.  The role of a mentor is to read their answers, insert comments (never criticisms), and to write an encouraging letter.  The letters are most important because many of them have never received a letter before and they are valued.

In prison people have time to think about their lives and how they can find meaning.  Very often I have had prisoners write, “I am glad I came to jail because I found out about Jesus and he has changed my life.”

A large proportion of prisoners have poor literacy and sometimes it is hard to know how to connect in a letter.  Recently I had a young man from Qld whose hobby was bull-riding and I was baffled, but I said, “You mightn’t think you have anything in common with an 82 year old grandmother from Sydney, but you do.  We are both sinners and Jesus is the only one who can save us”!

It is a privilege to be involved in this ministry and I recommend it to anyone who loves Jesus.

Perdita (Warrawee Anglican)

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