Ever thought about God as an adult?

Some of us went to Sunday School as kids and some of us had to sit through compulsory Chapel at school and it was then we decided to stop believing in God. You know, we declared, the Bible is not true and I don't really want to know about this Jesus guy. But surely our decisions and opinions that we made as 12 year olds deserve another think. There are plenty of things I've changed my mind on as an adult. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles isn't the ultimate in cool, the News is not boring in fact it's the major thing I watch on TV and bike-riding is over-rated... actually bike-riding is still pretty good. But look at that, two out of three, strongly held opinions that I've totally changed as an adult. Maybe it's worth taking the same approach to the Bible, God, Jesus. Give it a chance, be open to a new opportunity. On October 22 we're starting a simple, on-line course called Christianity Explored.

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