What is church, anyway?

Updated: Jul 23

It's now been 4 months since we were able to physically gather together on a Sunday as Warrawee Anglican Church, 4 months since our youngest and oldest members could spend time together hanging out, worshipping and enjoying those long morning tea sessions together.

This is a massive change and while we are able to have Sundays Online it doesn't feel like church. We remember that church is not the building and church is not the time-slot, church is the people but at the same time the people aren't able to meet together. So as things continue to tighten up we are to continue to be creative. We are able to be creative because we follow a creative God. Many people have been visiting their neighbours, calling them, walking with them and their dogs, dropping off parcels and meeting together in small, covid-safe groups. Let's continue to do this as we seek to love God and love our neighbours.

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